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Monday, September 25, 2006

Karen Marie Moning - The Highlander's Touch

Karen Marie Moning – The Highlander’s Touch

Genre: Paranormal
Book 3 in the Highlander series
ISBN: 0-7394-1365-1
Releasedate: November 2000
Publisher: Dell Publishing
Format owned: MPB
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

A warrior of immortal powers
He was a mighty Scottish warrior who lived in a world bound by ancient laws and timeless magic. But no immortal powers could prepare the laird of Castle Brodie for the lovely, accursed lass who stood before him. A terrible trick of fate had sent her 700 years back in time and into his private chamber to tempt him with her beauty - and seduce him with a desire he could never fulfill. For this woman he burned to possess was also the woman he was sworn to destroy.

A woman caught in the mists of time
When Lisa felt the earth move under her feet, the fiercely independent 21st century woman never dreamed she was falling... into another century. But the powerful, naked warrior who stood glaring down at her was only too real... and too dangerously arousing. irresistibly handsome he might be, but Lisa had no intention of remaining in this savage land torn by treachery and war. How could she know that her seductive captor had other plans for her... plans that would save her from a tragic fate? Or that the man who had long ago forsaken love would defy time itself to claim her for his own...

I had trouble getting into this story. To me, after 'to tame a highland warrior' it was too quickly a changeover between a highlander to part "fae". But maybe that is because I haven't read 'beyond the highland mist' yet, I know Adam Black makes an appearance in that as well. Once or twice in the first 2 chapters I felt that this might not be a book for me to read on, the changeover from current century to 700 years ago came rapid and I felt it should have been a bit more detailed, it was like in the beginning I missed parts of the story but once Circenn Brodie and Lisa Stone had encoutered eachother I got into the story immensely and enjoyed it very much, I had great laughs about the cleaning swipes for guns, also know to us present selves as tampons.... I would have loved to have seen the look on Circenn's face once he was told the true use for it, but then again, I can imagine....

Glad to say, I have recently (24th September 2006) seen the movie 'Braveheart' for the first time (I know, shame on me....) as Karen Marie Moning makes some references to this movie, which again made me have giggle-figs.

I am not one for quoting from stories but I have to share this one because it made me roll over with laughter:
Imagine king Robert the Bruce ~almighty, majestically, prowing with power~ hugging 21st century Lisa Stone who admired him and his legend, at that point thinking she was to wed Circenn saying while broadly smiling : "May you be as fertile as the hare. We need dozens of his sons in this land."He laughed and patted her abdomen. Lisa blushed, concerned that he might pat her breasts and inquire about her nursing abilities.

Overall a great read with a lot of humor. To me it's worth 4 stars at least!!!

4 Stars

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