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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crown Of Crystal Flame

October 26, 2010

A date set in my day-planner as special, why? Because then the fifth book in the Tairen Soul series by C.L. Wilson is due for it's long-awaited release. The book concluding the EPIC lovestory of Rain and Ellysetta.

For me it all started with a debut-author writing about a love so touching and heartwarming, a world so dramatic and lifechanging, and storyplots that left me in awe - that she instantly shoot straight up to my A-list for reads and my auto-buy list (preferably HC) straight away.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Book 1 in the Tairen Soul series
ISBN: 978-0-06-2018-960
Releasedate: October 26, 2010
Publisher: Avon Books
Book Cover: Judy York
Format owned: MMPB pre-order

A Song of Love won her heart.
A Song of Darkness haunted her soul.
A Song in the Dance would seal her fate.

Seers had long foreseen an extraordinary destiny for Ellysetta Baristani. Already she had won the heart of the Fey King?the magnificent Rain, ever her ally, eternally her love. She had saved the offspring of the magical tairen and fought beside her legendary mate against the armies of Eld.

But the most powerful–and dangerous–Verse of her Song had yet to be sung.

As the final battle draws nigh and evil tightens its grip upon her soul–will Ellysetta secure the world for Light or plunge it into Darkness for all eternity? As she and Rain fight for each other, side by side, will they find a way to complete their truemate bond and defeat the evil High Mage of Eld before it's too late, or must they make the ultimate sacrifice to save their world?

Click HERE to go to C. L. Wilson's website and read the excerpt


Check out the following link for a nice one on one with Belliard vel Jelani and *sigh - my love* Gaelen vel Serranis. Steli also leaves her paw-mark and graces us with 5 things she wants to share about herself with us.

I am herewith joining in on the party hosted by Leontine in awaitence of the release of this fifth installment to the Tairen Soul series by Ms. C.L. Wilson.

Leontine's Book Realm

Quote: Lord of the Fading Lands:
He flung himself from the ground into the sky, flashing instantly into tairen-form. Flames scorched the night sky and his roar of fury rent the air as he followed the path of the mind that called out to him in fear….

(Click HERE for full review)

Praise for Lady of Light and Shadow:
(quote from my review)
I have a profound respect for people who are able to write a 5-star novel, but to do so on their debut and have a follow up novel with again a 5-star quality is admirable and herewith I speak out loud my admiring respect for the writing abilities and qualities of CL Wilson. Not only was she able to baffle and amaze me with her smashing start of the Tairen Soul series – Lord of the Fading Lands – but even more so, she was able to captivate me and leave me in awe with the follow up in this series – Lady of Light and Shadow.
(Click HERE for full review)
What I elsewise totally appreciate and love is that all the bookcovers so far have been designed by the same person, making it complete, eyecatching and a definite treasure to have on my shelves. Cheryl, good luck with the release of Crown of Crystal Flame, enjoy it as much as you can and thank you so much for bringing the world of the Tairen Soul into my life!!!

6 reacties:

Leontine said...

You and I are so in sink about this series and author. Glad you could join the Tairen Soul party hon and can't wait to talk to you about CoCF!!!

Natascha said...

I've got a RR to finish reading and reviewing but then I'm afk for a bit to dive into Queen ;-) I'm so very much looking forward to CoCF. Up to now Ms. Wilson held onto an average of 5 stars (in my rating highest to get ;-) ) for the first 3 novels, still have to type up King, it's written but not yet digital.

Hows Crown so far?

Leontine said...

CoCF is a fan-freakin-tastic conclusion to the tairen soul series. It will rip you emotionally apart and have you feel all the good of love/joy/laughter throughout it too. Please say you have CoCF on pre-order!!

C.L. Wilson said...

Thank you so much Natascha for the wonderful post! I hope you enjoy COCF :)


C.L. Wilson ~

Natascha said...

@Leontine: Can I say DUH!!!!! *wicked grin*

@C.L. Wilson - waving a happy hello! I just know I won't be disappointed. My nose is deep into Queen now and *deep forfilling sigh* am loving it very much. Thanks for dropping by on my blog ;-) and give Gaelen a warm embrace from me ^.^ ~hugs~

Natascha said...

OMG OMG OMG I won - woohoo!!!!!! I'm doing a happy penguin dance here ;-)

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