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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shana Galen - When Dashing Met Danger

Genre: Regency
Standalone novel
ISBN: 0-060-77315-4
Releasedate: May 1, 2005
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Inc.
Format owned: MPB
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

Alex Scarston: Earl of Selbourne. Rake. Spy. With his efforts for England in the war against the French suspended, family obligations compel him to investigate the disappearance of Viscount Brigham's son. When the viscount's daughter becomes involved as well, Alex finds himself entangled in a venture that risks both heart and soul.

It's not that Lucia Dashing, youngest daughter of Lord Brigham, wants Alex to go away. She just wishes he weren't always so close - perhaps a few rooms, or streets, or continents between them would bank the heat of her attraction. But when her brother disappears and every clue indicates his safe recovery essential to the very sovereignty of England, she's no choice but to engage the earl in a battle risking her brother, her country, and her love.
Top notch Regency-for me anyway, it's just the way I want my regency to be! Charming, thrilling, sparkling is what comes to mind after reading this novel. Having read not a lot of novels in this genre I do know Shana Galen is a rising author of the new generation.

For the time it took me to read this book it has kept me in its thrall. It’s fast-written so you get caught up in the story straight away and it’s such an easy read that you totally forget the time.

Ofcourse the characters were breathtaking, I absolutely adored Lucia, more so because I recognize a lot of myself in her, making it all the more fun to read how she quickly wraps Alex around her fingers. I think it’s best to describe her as a Regency-chick with balls!!!

Now Alex is a whole different thing, you just have to love him. Throughout the length of the novel it was funny to read how he struggled with his feelings of love, without it taking the overhand!

The side-characters were amazing as well, making me very much curious how things will go on with Freddie and John. Because Freddie is a totally different man altogether and I for one want to peel of all the layers surrounding him, just like we did with Alex! And John, if he is anything like his twin-sister we are in for a ride with him as well. So maybe in the future we are able to read how things end with them as well!

It was a perfectly balanced novel. Not too much of this not too much of that. And the title fits the story perfect because it applies in so many different ways in this book.

I think I’m just awed by this smashing novel off Shana’s hands. It made me want to go and get more of her novels. I can hardly wait to read another one. Especially since it’s a light-read without missing any of the emotions, excitement and romance. It is still having me in its grip and in my opinion that makes it a perfect novel altogether.

Praises for Shana Galen all the way for putting a story like ‘When Dashing met Danger’ to paper!!!!

Quote of Lucia’s mind rambling about Alex:
“Oh! Horrid insolent man! He’s a rake, a scoundrel, a blackguard and – Infuriating man! Damn him!”

And most brilliant ofcourse was the scene where Lucia breaks into Alex’ home through a small window in the library – Priceless!!!!

4 Stars

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