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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Elizabeth Lowell – Untamed

Genre: Historical
Book 1 in the Medieval trilogy
ISBN: 0-7278-6356-8
Releasedate: 1993
Publisher: Avon
Format owned: HC
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

A hero of the crusades , Dominic le Sabre has return to scotland in glory and in triumph to claim his reward: the beautiful Saxon bride awarded to him be the conqueror king. But Lady Margaret of the Blackthorne cannot yield to the bold Norman invader. The beloved daughter of a sacred tribe of the celtic mystics, she fears an ancient curse that could bring further turmoil to her battle-scarred land...and sorrow to her marraige bed. With a word, the lady could turn her wedding into war. But there awaits in the noble knights embrace a promise of passion unbound--and a love that neither violence nor treachery can tear asunder, a love both invincible and...
Despite the fact that I’ve read this book in it’s Dutch translation so I can’t really judge on Elizabeth Lowells own style in writing, but keeping in mind that most Dutch translations aren’t that good, I just know that she knows how to putt a story to paper!I’m quite new to the historical romance novels and eventhough I’ve read a few HR paperbacks I know that those were just B-novels. This book does it’s HC-cover justice because the story held me in it’s grib from beginning to end.

The fury within Dominic le Sabre was stunning. The mistrust he held towards the loyalty of his wife, heartshattering and his misjudgement about her being a Glendruid-witch nearly brought me to tears for Margareth who only wanted to be truly loved for who she was, be free and not be condemned by what her ancesters did wrong a thousands years before. I was all in tears towards the end end when the people of Castle Blackthorne show just how much they love and cherish her and my heart sighed in relief when after 300 pages Dominic finally finds his true feelings and says those 3 words a wife longs to hear!

For me this book opened up a new world in reading. Eventhough I have a weakness for the paranormal genre I’m getting the feeling these historical romances are following up close!What I find I love so much about the Historical/Medieval time is the loyalty amongst the people. There’s a huge contrast between war and peace. When it’s war the time’s are cruel for everyone, and the pain off loss is huge but when there’s peace you can really feel at peace and have nothing to worry about.

To me Elizabeth Lowell knows this and can create this balanced in a novel. With this novel she captured my attention and have me already sitting here with my eyes noticing the second novel in this trilogy ‘Forbidden’.

3,5 Stars

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