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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musings of a reviewer: A Reviewers Worst Nightmare

Ok now last Saturday I went to update my files and got the fright of my life - my reviewer-life that is. By God, I knew I had read two books, I know I reviewed the two books as well but.... I couldn't find them back anywhere!

An absolute reviewer shock... I checked everywhere. I knew I had emailed all files I had at work to my home address so I searched through my emails to check and see if I had it there... no it wasn't there... I checked my pc-review files, and all other docs I had everywhere, in between the docs of my ebooks, websites, blogs, own written books, even in my world of warcraft addons DANG it was nowhere to be found...

My mind had another brilliant idea, let's check the forum. I had written them so they must be there... nothing nada zipp niente!!

I thought the world was pulling out all conspiracy against this one small little reviewer from that darn province in that It's a small world after all - Netherlands. A spec on the worldglobe, barely visible but strong in views and values, lets face it in the scale of it all we can scream all you want but still it's a whispering voice amidst concertfans during a popconcert.

Anyway back to the topic at hand...

They were just nowhere to be found. I slightly panicked because the books I read and reviewed were King of Sword and Sky and Angels and Demons, both five star reviews and both amongst my favorite books. Now Angels and Demons was not the problem, I could whip a review up right here and now as that book is just tattooed in my mind, due the umpteenth time I read it, but King of Sword and Sky, there is something about reading CL Wilson's books for the first time, it's that initial impact of lingering longing and fulfillment that can only be caught in that first time read (making it a 6 star rating instead of the max. 5 stars I'm giving out) that I wanted it remembered by. But as it was too long ago for me to fully grasp that back emotionally, writing a new review wouldn't do my feelings justice.
I thought my mind was blanking out on my again, maybe confusing the thought of wanting to write the review to actually write it... But for some reason I couldn't let the notion go that I wrote those reviews. By this time it was already 00:30 at night and!!! tired, but I couldn't sleep either, so I pulled out every piece of paper I could find, every note-pad I used for writing reviews - note to self: Just use one till it's full and then start another - I found 9 pads back which I used for reviewing...

And just when I was about to give up on the concept, from the side of my eye I saw a notebloc underneath my coffeetable, I almost could hear the angels sing in joy, I carefully picked it up as if it were the crownjewels themselves and when I looked through it, in between my own written stories there they were, all written out and patiently waiting for me to type them up... The sky cleared, my mind was at ease again and I was ready to face the world of dreams at 01:24.

Sigh what we reviewers have to go through I tell ya! It ain't no picnic!!!!

5 reacties:

Anonymous said...

A true labor of love, Natascha. Shame those books weren't called 'Under the coffee table' and 'On top of the Cupboard.' You might have found them sooner.

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

On the upside though, I sorted through my backdated paperworks and got them organized aswell ;-) every downside has an upside as well *claps hands*

Anonymous said...

*throws a fish*

Leontine said...

I would be frantic too. Hubby and I had a case of lost and found just yesterday. Hubby had to do some shopping and couldn't find his wallet. He, who is always telling me to keep my wallet in one place, never flash it coming out of the bank and so on, couldn't find his wallet :( We started to look everwhere but couldn't find it. Cars, rooms, bathroom even, everything was searched, so hubby and I started to backtrack our thoughts and still hubby couldn't remember *gggrrrrr* I started to get angry, he started to get annoyed with himself until *eureka* he remembered he wore shorts the days before and there it was *hallelujah* he found his wallet. Let me tell you we both felt that sweet rush of relief.

Reading your colimn made me think of that and I had to laugh at how you described your search. I started my morning with a smile (((hugs)))

Natascha said...

@Leontine - I swear if my head wasn't attached to my body I would leave it somewhere I can't find it back! A few days ago I went to walk my dog in the park but had to tie my shoes again and placed my carkeys on top of my car. I went on my way with Bodhi, walking and playing and such and it was only halfway through the park (about 25 minutes later) that I realized my keys weren't in my pocket!!!! It was the longest walk back I swear! Did some silent prayers in my mind hoping my car was still there and my keys were still where I had left them and thank to God they were!

Trust me, that will NEVER happen to me again!!!

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