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Monday, June 21, 2010

FanFic - Crave the Night based in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron character

This FacFiction contains mature content, only read on if you are 18+! By reading on you indeed state that you are of adult age and therewith release me from any responsibility that comes with reading this blogpost!

Crave the Night by Natascha (formerly known as: Ashleagh )

This is a story based upon the Dark Hunter series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon with Acheron Parthenopaeus as main hero. The other Dark Hunters as well as affiliated characters might show up as the story writes out.
Because this story is a Fanfiction which came from my own imagination whilst reading on in this series, note that it is in no way affiliated to Sherrilyn Kenyon. Please be warned again, that this might show spoilers to the actual series but it can also follow a different path to the storylines.

This FanFic as it's written is copyright protected to Natascha apart from the pieces taken from the series as well as the characters and series idea, those are registered adn copyright protected by Sherrilyn Kenyon!!!


Ever since she walked home from Bride Kattalakis-McTierny's shop on Bourban Street she felt strange. Formilliar with the term psychic awareness, she often stopped by Selena's shop and had met Grace and Julian Alexander there. She had learned their amazing story of how they met. She truly believed in soulmates, the whole destined to be together kinda thing and knew it's a love so strong and so very rare that it was only meant for a rare few people, she didn't consider herself that lucky. Recently she decided to take a mythological course at Tulane University with Grace's husband, as she found her life being a bit boring with her 9-5 job at Laurens Law Firm. As an Office Manager she worked most of her hours inside her own office by herself. The trust they had given her she held dear as she truly enjoyed working for Bill and his father. They had been the only few people in her life who had faith in her, who appreciated her for who she was.

The core of her being was a creative person, a few of her embroidery pieces were up for sell in Selena's shop and the jewellery she made was up for sell in Bride's shop. She didn't make a lot of money on it but the money she did make she saw as pocketmoney, to splash out on things she didn't need but wanted anyway. The standard working hours and steady job balanced her life out, but lately for some reason she often found herself daydreaming about a time long gone, and she had her paths crossed with documentaries about Greek Gods and Goddesses and more from that time period. When she told Selena that the other day, she suggested Julian Alexanders classic course at Tulane University. And she didn't sit still after that, she had signed up on the course and her first class was in the morning. Bill, her direct boss, had given her the opportunity to do so on advice of his wife Lanie and he had learned throughout their years together to follow those advises. He also noticed that in the 6 years Celeste Brionagh had never taken a sick day, and whenever necessary she worked in late without complaining so he thought it only fair to give her something in return for her loyalty to the company.

Celeste had been out shopping for a nice fountain-pen (and ofcourse ended up with a silly cartoon figurine on it), pencils, notepads and to pick up the required books which Julian conveniently had left at Selena's shop. After going back home she walked through Bourban Street and got a vibe, not a scary vibe but a warm sense of completeness. A sudden feeling of being whole. The only thing she could think of was that it was the universe agreeing with her that she was taking the right path in life. Suddenly a scent of, dare she say 'Nikos' eau de toilette, entered her nostrills and made her glance up from underneath her cap to see who this godly scent belonged to. All she saw was this large Alpha-male and her reflection in his RayBan-sunglasses. Long ago she had learned that those kind of men weren't interested in the likes of her. Just as Bride she was a size 18 and eventhough she always dressed nice and according to fashion she accepted the way she looked looked (well ok not today, she still wore her trainingstrousers on with the word gorgeous printed on her butt, and a momoo-saurus sweatshirt, but she didn’t anticipathe seeing such a gorgeous thing walk around in New Orleans…), not to say she was happy about it but it no longer bothered her, people should take her as she was, but she new a guy like that was not for her 'Wow look at those legs,' legs that were tightly wrapped in leather pants ~ not those cheap nock-offs, no; the custom made one's ~ he didn't seem to notice her. 'owh baby,' could somebody turn the thermostat down?! Where was Winter when you needed it? Would his butt be as nice as she thought it would be? With leather pants like that, could a girl all do but not look back and see for herself?

She looked.
'Hell yeah, even better!'
Stop it Celeste, before you'll drewl all over Bourban Street and follow him like a stalking 'George Clooney-wife wannabe'. All her senses had fired up, but she quickly sobered again and focussed on the road ahead... She had a nice evening in planned that night. Dinner, a bath and reading up on tomorrows classes. It had been a while since she last had taken a course of any kind at the university, but she liked being prepaired.

She had only set one foot inside her large 4-room apartment when she was greeted by Luna, her 2 year old cat who always came to greet her at the door. And as always she babbled on about her day. It had become a habit of her to do so and Luna seemed to love it. Ever since one of her favorite series on TV; Charmed had mentioned that pets were formilliars in other words animal-guides there to protect their owners, she could all but wonder if it was true. And she'd swear that, in fact when she was talking to her cat, she listened and had a look in her eyes as if she understood everything she said. Maybe that was the reason why she chose a female-cat as well.... You never know who you undress for in the bathroom right?!

After dinner Celeste took her long longed for bath, made herself a cup of tea, got distracted by Jillian Cormack, her friend from Ireland and who lived in Seattle. They swopped local gossips for an hour or so and with an "I'll see you soon...'they hung up. The whole time Luna slept in her lap. Suddenly she remembered her tea-bag still in her tea-mug in the kitchen 'Bogger' when she checked it, it was darker than coffee and cold as ice-tea. As she was walking around the kitchen she felt restless, looking around the living room and hearing the wind outside, she figured that her restlessness was brought on by the weather change from summer to fall. Instead fo reading up on her new course she decided to snuggle up in bed with Kinley MacGregor 'Master of Desire'. With her reading glasses on the tip of her nose, and just the bedlight on she leaned into her pillow and motioned to Luna to come lay on the bed too.
After not even 20 minutes reading, she fell asleep and dreamt of things that weren't real in this world, things that made the legend of Dracula seem like a fairytale. It was all very real and made her wake up feeling a bit scared, full of emotions.

Still very early in the morning she got up and decided to have breakfast at Café du Monde. After checking her bookbag and making sure she had all she needed for classes, she went on her way. Down the street she bought the 'New Orleans-daily' at a newsstand, had her breakfast and at precisely 9 o'clock she sat herself down in the lecture-room. She heard the chitchats of her fellowclassmates and realized most of them were woman and started wondering why. Maybe it was something spiritual going on, women all over New Orleans were haveing dreams about Mythological Times.... All up in her thoughts she didn't notice the classmates were going silent and a door closing until she heard a warm deep voice say "Goodmorning, welcome to your first class in the Classic course 101. I'm professor Julian Alexander, your guide through the past.

"Celeste looked up and saw this 6'4" attractive male dressed in a tailor-made suit, with a voice that send chills down her spine. That, combined with the fact she knew he was a sex-slave for 2000 years and rescued from the book 7 years ago by Grace made her face blush. 'Get yourself together girl!'
A few of her classmates pointed at her and giggled. A chubby girl with a crush on her teachor...
Class was great, Julian made it seem so simple. Had vivid stories with such detail that it made her feel she relived everything he said. After the 3 hours class Julian said "Celeste Brionagh? Could you stay for a minute?"
Celeste looked surprised, but complied to his wishes. She noticed the look on the other girls faces and was wondering why the jealousy. Julian is married, and happily at that! When the classroom was empty Julian sat down next to her, taking her in for a moment and finally said "Selene told me about why you wanted to take this course."
Celeste looked puzzled "Ehm, I'm not sure..."
"Selene was kind enough to elaborate me about the dreams you've been having..."Julian said "She told me about it because I know a bit more about these 'magical' things than the average human being, and thought you might need a hand with figuring things out..."
"Oh I see, it just seemed so real to me, it got me interested in the "Myths" that's all."

"I got a feeling there's more to it than just that, but we'll leave it at this. Just know, if there's something you want to now, I'm here for you."
"Selena made you say so right?"
"No..." he said giving her a wink "Grace said I'll sleep on the sofa if I didn't treat you as a special student..."
Celeste smiled "Thanks but I don't need special treatment." She picked up her books and turned around "That whole longing, pining looks from female students... is that part of a remainder of your curse?"
Julian was caught off guard by that question "How did you know about that?"
"Selena and Grace told me when I met your wife at Selena's shop a few weeks ago. She's lovely."Celeste said thinking before she spoke the next words hoping he would pick them up the right way "And eventhough you're a gorgeous man... Forgive my directness... I don't fully understand why I'm not affected by it."
"What do you mean?"
"Like I said, you are good looking but other than that... nothing..." she said feeling awkward about it "Anyway, I have to go. Bill's expecting me in the office in an hour."
"Ok well, I'll see what I can find out and see you next week."
"Same time, same place..." Celeste walked out off the lecture room and left Julian behind wondering on what was going on. He called for his mother Aphrodite, who appeared in a whirl of sparkling light "My darling son, you called for me?"
He had to give his mother credit for knowing how to make an appearance, he knew it was worthless explaining that while being in a public place she shouldn't do all that but she would propably be arrogant in saying that she is a goddess and wouldn't appear in the human realm any other way, she should be acknowledged as such. That it wasn't her fault the human race forgot about the gods and goddesses. He quickly explained what happened and what Celeste had said about the curse.
"By the Fates, no 'hello mother nice to see you, how are you - kiss...' " Aphrodite said dramatically with a small pouting bottom-lip.
Julian obliged to the familliar customary and eventhough he himself was a half-God and his mother the Aphrodite, Goddess of love, they both couldn't figure it out. Aphrodite left with the promise to check and see if she could find out what the Three Fates had in mind for this.

Julian went home to Grace, being relieved that the area where they lived in New Orleans was fully restorated after the storm Katrina floaded the lower parts of the city over 2 years ago. With help of friends and governments all over the world the city finally looked like it's original self more and more each day. Eventhough he had only lived in this lifetime for 7 years, to him it already felt more his home than what he was used to before he got cursed inside a scroll by his brother Priapus.
When he sat down with Grace and coffee in the livingroom he asked what she thought and knew about Celeste.
Grace said "All I know is that there's something otherwordly about her. When you look in her eyes you can see a wisdom that's long forgotten and a strength that's unmeasureable. She gives Selena a run for her money with her profound replies. "I trust her."
He looked at his wife who never seem to amaze him, but yet amazes him everytime "I felt the same thing. Mum is looking into it as well."
"You spoke with Aphrodite?"
"Yeah. Her special "curse" on me, didn't seem to work on Celeste. I quote: 'eventhough I was a gorgeous man, she was not affected by it'."
Julian said with a smirk on his face "And that makes her the first one I know."
"I'm liking her even more now!!" Grace said.
Julian knew how at first Grace had problems with the fact every female who noticed Julian would instantly drewl all over his feet in awe. A little curse Aphrodite putt on her son to keep him near her but drew them apart instead. Grace always had to be careful with whom she grew close to and give her friendship to.
Maybe times started changing, or maybe it had to do with what Selena laid out in her cards when Tabitha was in the shop yesterday. What if the Gods are slipping under pressure of these stars alligning, end of the world-thing? Maybe rumors weren't rumours after all? Nostradamus did see sort of a third World War coming, which would affect the whole world. If they translated it wrong and this was the thing he foresaw, shouldn't the world be in upheaval about it?
Grace explained her concerning thoughts to Julian who smiled and kissed her passionately. "I love you, you know that?!" He said "Let's waith and see what my mum can find out on the other side and not pull a Tabby-tantrum just yet."


Chapter One
Chapter Two
Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog Hopping Friday

Ok apparently this is something done every once in while on blogs and as I'm a total and utter NOOB still at this moment I'm just following my blog-guru @ Leontine's Book Realm in this. I thought it was a fun idea so here I go as well ;-)

This is similar to the Book Blogger Hop, but I thought we should do it anyway!

From Parajunkie:
* To join the fun and make now book blogger friends, just follow these simple rules:
* Follow the Follow My Book Blog Friday Host { } and any one else you want to follow on the list
* Put your Blog name & URL in the Linky thing.
* Grab the button up there and place it in a post, this post is for people to find a place to say hi in your comments
* Follow Follow Follow as many as you can
* If someone comments and says they are following you, be a dear and follow back. Spread the Love…and the followers
* If you want to show the link list, just follow the link below the entries and copy and paste it within your post!

If you have something wickedly fun, or dramatically serious, or jsut something nice to ask me (and everything in between, you know where to find me, ask away and I will answer ;-)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Requested Read Review: Catherine Kean - A Knight's Persuasion

!! This was a Requested Read Review for REALMS ON OUR BOOKSHELVES !!

Mass Market Paperback; 385 pages
Publisher: Medallion Press (June 4, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1605420964
ISBN-13: 9781605420967
Genre: Historical Romance
Book: Book four in the Knight’s series
Main Characters: Edouard de Lanceau & Juliana de Greyne
On sale at: The Book Depository Store

A Knight’s Persuasion tells the story of Edouard, firstborn and heir of the great lord Geoffrey de Lanceau. Due to certain circumstances he finds himself betrothed to the sister of Lady Juliana de Greyne, whom, upon first meeting, he falls in love with. Events leave Juliana unconscious on a riverside bank, while Edouard passes by on mere coincidence. When seeking shelter and a healer at his father’s friends keep they find themselves locked in a tower by his father’s enemies. From there on things unfold rapidly, as his father’s enemy is on a quest for revenge.

Edouard, as a hero, is not the typical Alpha Male nor Beta man, but is somewhere in between. He feels a strong attraction towards Juliana but honor-bound as he is, a series of events betroth him to her sister. He, however, never forgets Juliana, and in this his strong sense of honor gnaws at him, making him a star-crossed lover. At the same time he holds everything I need my knight in shining armor to be!

I sense that Juliana is a soft sweet person, going out of her way to help others without putting her own needs ahead. Creative and sensitive, but strong minded as well (and not only towards the positive side of things).

The characters on their own do not stand out to me, but when forced together they make a strong team and have a connection that came across as real and loving. And because this occurs, it makes their story compelling and satisfying to read.

When I first started reading this novel, I felt a bit confused as to where the story took place and in which time-frame. A time-span of a year is spread over the pages of a few chapters. It gave me a feeling of being rushed through various built ups in plotlines and it gave me a lose-threaded base on which this story had to be built upon. In some ways certain things had to be explained, but I’m not sure if it really added to the story for me. I think it might have come across better when in due time these storylines were explained as the story progressed – starting from Edouard and Juliana meeting again at the riverbank - in the setting of flashbacks.

The suspense factor acted as an ambrosia for me, hooked me onto the story and I was not able to put it down till the last page was turned, leaving me satisfied and hungering for more at the same time. Veronique, the villain in this story is really villainess. When I first stumbled upon her in this story I felt an instant dislike towards her, and the way she turned events around, brainwashed her son, twisting events for her own personal gain and vendetta made me hate her. All my praises for this, I love villains who are bad to the core, it gives the story a great suspense and definitely spices things up!

Up until the very end plotlines evolve and reveal themselves in total surprise and up until the very end I kept wondering will they, or won’t they get their happily ever after. I was glad it ended up in a way that Edouard kept his honor bound character as to me that was one of his best qualities.

However, having said that, when the story took more root in a slower pace, I really enjoyed it and Catherine Kean’s writing style appeals to me very much. Her characters all have their own uniqueness and add to the story. And the way the historical back-drop was described and blended in made me linger in the thirteenth century.

A few side-characters got my attention and I hope these will get their own story in this series as well. I for one would love to see what will happen to Tye, and Kaine totally got my attention with his wickedly rogueish ways! All in all, Catherine Kean made her way to my keepers-shelves!

4 Stars
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musings of a reviewer: A Reviewers Worst Nightmare

Ok now last Saturday I went to update my files and got the fright of my life - my reviewer-life that is. By God, I knew I had read two books, I know I reviewed the two books as well but.... I couldn't find them back anywhere!

An absolute reviewer shock... I checked everywhere. I knew I had emailed all files I had at work to my home address so I searched through my emails to check and see if I had it there... no it wasn't there... I checked my pc-review files, and all other docs I had everywhere, in between the docs of my ebooks, websites, blogs, own written books, even in my world of warcraft addons DANG it was nowhere to be found...

My mind had another brilliant idea, let's check the forum. I had written them so they must be there... nothing nada zipp niente!!

I thought the world was pulling out all conspiracy against this one small little reviewer from that darn province in that It's a small world after all - Netherlands. A spec on the worldglobe, barely visible but strong in views and values, lets face it in the scale of it all we can scream all you want but still it's a whispering voice amidst concertfans during a popconcert.

Anyway back to the topic at hand...

They were just nowhere to be found. I slightly panicked because the books I read and reviewed were King of Sword and Sky and Angels and Demons, both five star reviews and both amongst my favorite books. Now Angels and Demons was not the problem, I could whip a review up right here and now as that book is just tattooed in my mind, due the umpteenth time I read it, but King of Sword and Sky, there is something about reading CL Wilson's books for the first time, it's that initial impact of lingering longing and fulfillment that can only be caught in that first time read (making it a 6 star rating instead of the max. 5 stars I'm giving out) that I wanted it remembered by. But as it was too long ago for me to fully grasp that back emotionally, writing a new review wouldn't do my feelings justice.
I thought my mind was blanking out on my again, maybe confusing the thought of wanting to write the review to actually write it... But for some reason I couldn't let the notion go that I wrote those reviews. By this time it was already 00:30 at night and!!! tired, but I couldn't sleep either, so I pulled out every piece of paper I could find, every note-pad I used for writing reviews - note to self: Just use one till it's full and then start another - I found 9 pads back which I used for reviewing...

And just when I was about to give up on the concept, from the side of my eye I saw a notebloc underneath my coffeetable, I almost could hear the angels sing in joy, I carefully picked it up as if it were the crownjewels themselves and when I looked through it, in between my own written stories there they were, all written out and patiently waiting for me to type them up... The sky cleared, my mind was at ease again and I was ready to face the world of dreams at 01:24.

Sigh what we reviewers have to go through I tell ya! It ain't no picnic!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

FanFic - Crave the Night based in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron character

This FacFiction contains mature content, only read on if you are 18+! By reading on you indeed state that you are of adult age and therewith release me from any responsibility that comes with reading this blogpost!

Crave the Night by Natascha (formerly known as: Ashleagh )

This is a story based upon the Dark Hunter series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon with Acheron Parthenopaeus as main hero. The other Dark Hunters as well as affiliated characters might show up as the story writes out.
Because this story is a Fanfiction which came from my own imagination whilst reading on in this series, note that it is in no way affiliated to Sherrilyn Kenyon. Please be warned again, that this might show spoilers to the actual series but it can also follow a different path to the storylines.

This FanFic as it's written is copyright protected to Natascha apart from the pieces taken from the series as well as the characters and series idea, those are registered adn copyright protected by Sherrilyn Kenyon!!!


The pain Ash felt while dreaming was excruciating, he never noticed Amanda coming in and taking Ashleagh out of his arms to change him and take him downstairs.When Ash couldn't take the emotions of this whole trip down memory-lane anymore in his dreams he cried out for D'Alerian, one of his best friends and also an Oneroi or better known as Dream-Hunter. As a son of Morpheus the Greek God of dreams, D'Alerian is a healer and helper to the Dark-Hunters. A straight forward man who never met a rule in his world he didn't like. With his eyes and focus are constantly on the Dark-Hunters he's quick at hand when one of them is in need of his aid.

D'Alerian felt the pain in Acherons cry out for him and rushed over to his dreams only to find his friend in a dark corner laying down on the ground in "feitus" position. He laid his hand gently on Ash's head to calm the storm he felt going on inside. He went through Ash's recent memories to see what his emotions got ticked off. Acheron consciously walked with him and got the vivid tingles again when the Oneroi stopped at the very memory of those heavenly blue eyes that met his earlier on today. Acheron saw that D'Alerian wanted to remove that brief moment in time to ease Acheron's pain but Ash wouldn't have it and stopped him in doing so.
"Acheron, you know I have to, to...."
"I know, but I'm not ready to forget."
D'Alerian pulled his hand back and took his friend in for a while with arched brows that told Acheron D'Alerian wanted an explanation which he couldn't give. His whole being told him that that warm embrace of the energy of this girl touching his for a short moment in time, was something he wanted to savor, to remember. The first time since.... ever, he guessed that someone could warm him with just a single second in time. That maybe the Fates hadn't given up on him yet.
"You know that, in THAT case, there's not a lot I can do for you..." D'Alerian said, somewhat confused. Acheron didn't seem to be himself. He still felt the confusion going on inside his friend but it didn't feel like the turmoil he felt before.
Acheron got back from his thoughts and said "I know, but at least I know where it came from. I think I can control it now."
D'Alerian reacted "Very well I'll leave you to it, peace be with you."
"And you dear friend..."Ash said.

D'Alerian watched over him as Acheron slept a little while longer. He really didn't know what to think of this all. It had been thousands of years since Acheron had nightmares like this and he didn't know what to do now that Ash didn't want what ticked it off errased. The irony of it all was that D'Alerian understood. His people are cursed by the Greek God Zeus to be able to feel emotions only through human dreams. He had felt Acherons emotions when his gaze had met those of the girl in question, what got him concerned was, Acheron wasn't human, so how could he have felt them? D'Alerian knew he needed advice and hoped his father Morpheus would be able to enlighten him. He knew better than to alter the destiny of Acheron for the 3 Fates will come onto him to punish him for doing so, but who's to say he's not meant to know how it could have been he felt Acherons feelings? Still in doubt what to do D'Alerian left Acherons dream state after making sure tranquility stayed with Ash for the time being.

Refreshed and rested Ash woke up only to realize Ashleagh wasn't in his arms but safely asleep in his bed. When he got up out of the chair he frowned as the pink blanket with bunny-rabbits hopping around in yellow and green on it, fell to his feet 'what on earth..?'
He folded the blanket, placed it on the chair and silently wanted to flash downstairs. Quickly he remembered that earlier on it didn't quite go well with that power so decided to leave the old fashion way.. out the door and down the stairs.
When he stood in the doorway to the livingroom he saw Simi hanging upside down on the chair feet dangling over the back and head hanging nearly on the ground, Amanda lay curled up on the sofa in Kyrians arms while they were watching the news. A longing boiled up inside him, sometimes he wanted peace like that, but it was not for him, he had other things to think about. First of he needed to see Savitar to check on how things went with Nick. First off Nick should have been trained by Savitar but Savitar didn't feel the need to take time off from surfing to do so, so Savitar told Ravyn to do so and get back to him. He still wasn't sure what to do with Nick's soul. Because Nick never bargained to revenge his mothers death in exchange for his soul with Artemis, she couldn't rightfully keep his soul, so instead she had given it to Acheron to hold on to, and although there was no doubt in his mind that Nick would be a great Dark-Hunter Ash still wasn't sure if Nick was meant to be one. Wasn't it he, himself who altered Nick's future by letting his emotions run high and speak out in anger?

Kyrian looked up and said "Had a nice nap?"
The grandpa clock down the hall chimed 9 and made Ash weary, he'd been asleep for 4 hours "I have to go, Simi return to me..."
Simi opened one eye and jumped up happy "Akri is awake, Simi is hungry." Simi hopped to him playfully "Why Akri sad?" and tilted her head.
Amanda looked up and saw it too in his whole being. The phone rang so she picked it up only to hear her twin-sister Tabitha Magnus-Devereaux on the other line. No 'hi how are you sis' or 'what's up?'but the words that came out of Tabby's mouth sounded worried "What's wrong with Acheron?"
"Simi..."Ash asked a bit agitated and without another word Simi returned to Ash's body as a dragon-shaped tattoo wrapped around him as to comfort him. Before Kyrian could say a word Acheron flashed out of the house hoping to make it to Katoteras, where Savitar awaited his arrival being annoyed because he had to pass on many a good wave while waiting for Acheron to come back home again. He actually pondered on how to take each wave as he saw them going by. 'How hard was life on him' he thought, as he saw wave number 11 going by. Ias and Danger came walking in at the same instant Ash flashed in. Despite the fact Danger only lived there for a few months she knew something was different with Ash, she couldn't pinpoint it out but it was clearly there. He released Simi and she went about her own way and jumping to her room to go and watch QVC after she got her plastic-card-thingies from Ias. "I swear one day we need to teach her the value of money a bit...." Ias's slightly curled mouth and sparks in his eyes told, he knew that that would never happen.
As Ias had been with Ash for Aeons he knew when not to bother him so he and his wife retreated to their own private chambers.
"So who crawled up your butt..." Savitar said.
"Don't start with me, tell me about Nick." Now that was the Acheron Savitar knew, authority reaked from the man.
Straight to the point.
No bull.

Tabitha was rambling on about Ash and how signs were bad, stars alligning to make a portal for God knows whichever energy or change. Everybody was talking about it on the internet, some whispering about the great evil that came to bring forth Armageddon. A change so drastically that the world as they knew it would seize to exist. Amanda kept her calmth the whole time while Tabitha continued to ramble till she was finished "So Mandy, what do you think, you're awfully quiet, it's bad isn't it? Ash said something to you about it and told you not to tell me, I mean...."
"Tabby be still, I think you're overreacting, who is your source of information?"
"A guy called Lucifer on the net, but that's beside the point. Lanie laid her cards for me and confirmed a major energy-shift right!" she took a breath, drank some tea and went on "With that war still ongoing in the middle east and all those people being sacrificed it must be a build up to something really bad. I feel it!"
Amanda laughed "Yeah and Bush is the devil incarnate..."
"You think? Now that does make sense, after all he started this whole war in the middle east!" Tabitha pondered on that.
"Tabby, I was just kidding."
"Owh, but you know..."
"You know what I think?" Amanda said while focussing on her twinsister's aura "I think you should go and make Valerius a happy hubby."
"What's that suppose to mean?" Tabitha asked wearily. Why the change of subject, the world as they knew it was about to end and...
"You're pregnant sweety and your hormones are clearly making you overreact a bit, I'm not saying nothings going on, it might, but it might not be as bad as you think...."
"How can I be? I'm on the p.. and I've had my..."
Amanda smiled as in her mind she counted to three then feeling the news kick in and all she heard was "I'll call you later..." followed by the beeping sound of disconnection.

Kyrian asked what was going on seeing the amused look on his wives face and wondering what Tabitha had called for.
"Tabby warning us about the end of the world...." Amanda laughed at the stunned expression on his face "Don't worry baby, she's pregnant..."
"Ahhh...." Kyrian said, knowing how pregnant 'Devereaux-women' tended to overreact a lot whilst being pregnant. The things he had to go through.... But in the end it all was worth it. He felt sympathy for Valerius, his once enemy-to-the-core for over 2000 years but ever since he and Tabitha grew fond of eachother he had learned to tolerate him. Especially since he found out the truth about the past. A grudge held over 2000 years wasn't hard to let go off but he had to admit that Valerius was an okay-guy. He did empathize with him but not so much as to feel the need to warn him about the pregnancy hormones... yet anyway.

He silently laughed in himself as not to allert Amanda about it. She'd only deny and make him regret even thinking what he thought. Last time he made the mistake in telling her, he ended up sleeping on the sofa and with him being 6"4 and the sofa only 6" in length it wasn't very comfortable. He knew his way around those 'evil' thoughts now, so he kept himself to himself.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reading now: Infinity - Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dane - Elizabeth Amber

This will be a returning blog-post on my blog, and it will contain books I'm reading at the moment. You'll find that most of the time I'll have more books specified, it's one of my many interesting quirks that i just simply cannot focus on one book at the same time *sigh* if only I could analize the wiring of my brain these days *winks*.

Thanks to my sister, who brough her copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Infinity, I was able to dive into the world of young Nick Gautier and dove right back into the Dark Hunter world in New Orleans. At first I was a bit sceptical about this novel but tasting Sherrilyn's writing style in the Chronicles of Nick I feel like a wollen blanket has covered me making me cosey up on the sofa and have a good old reading-fest!

Genre: Paranormal / Young Adult
Book 1 in the Chronicles of Nick series
ISBN: 9780312599072
Releasedate: May 25, 2010
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format owned: ordered HC
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

At fourteen, Nick Gautier thinks he knows everything about the world around him, until the night when his best friends try to kill him. Saved by a mysterious warrior who has more fighting skills than Chuck Norris, Nick is sucked into the realm of the Dark-Hunters: immortal vampire slayers who risk everything to save humanity.

Nick quickly learns that the human world is only a veil for a much larger and more dangerous one. A world where the captain of the football team is a werewolf and the girl he has a crush on goes out at night to stake the undead. But before he can even learn the rules of this new world, his fellow students are turning into flesh eating zombies. And he's next on the menu. Like starting high school isn't hard enough.

Now Nick has to hide his new friends from his mom, hide his chainsaw from the principal, and keep the zombies and the demon Simi from eating his brains, all without getting grounded or suspended! How in the world is he supposed to do that?
I'm also currently reading a Requested Read for the blog: Realms On Our Bookshelves, which I co-own. It's an erotica novel in the series Lords of Satyr - Dane. This is book number 5 in this series, and up to now I truly love this series, so when this book was offered for us to review for ROOB I ofcourse raised my hands as high as I could raise them ;-).

Genre: Erotica - Paranormal/Fantasy
Book 5 in the Lords of Satyr series
ISBN: 9780758241283
Releasedate: June 1, 2010
Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Format owned: TPB-signed
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

When Dane Satyr approaches Eva for her services as a matchmaker, she offers him more than just introductions. Dane has discovered that Eva is a Satyr like himself, full of insatiable passion and dark desires.

Their attraction combusts instantaneously, unlocking pleasures that neither can resist repeating...even as Eva seeks out a mortal bride for Dane.

Reviews to both these novels will follow as soon as I've written them (Elizabeth Amber's will follow a bit later, it will first only be readable on the ROOB-blog!). I can't wait to tell you all about what I think of them!

Friday, June 4, 2010

FanFic - Crave the Night based in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron character

This FacFiction contains mature content, only read on if you are 18+! By reading on you indeed state that you are of adult age and therewith release me from any responsibility that comes with reading this blogpost!

Crave the Night by Natascha (formerly known as: Ashleagh )

This is a story based upon the Dark Hunter series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon with Acheron Parthenopaeus as main hero. The other Dark Hunters as well as affiliated characters might show up as the story writes out.
Because this story is a Fanfiction which came from my own imagination whilst reading on in this series, note that it is in no way affiliated to Sherrilyn Kenyon. Please be warned again, that this might show spoilers to the actual series but it can also follow a different path to the storylines.

This FanFic as it's written is copyright protected to Natascha apart from the pieces taken from the series as well as the characters and series idea, those are registered adn copyright protected by Sherrilyn Kenyon!!!


He just knew that this day would merely be a day full of bad things, he felt it in every molecule that his body was made of, things had been not good for a while now but today something deep inside him stirred, an uneasy feeling. He damned the fates for not being able to see his own future clearly. Dark-Hunters from all over the planet had been phoning him, new Dark-Hunters that is, and eventhough he understood that they had a lot of questions whilst they found out what life as a mere servant of the Goddess Artemis was like, today of all days he was not in the mood for answering simple annoying questions. Where's Strykerious when you needed to just pumble someone for no particular reason, he would even settle for Desiderius, or a Spathi Daimon but no, why should Acheron be granted a wish for once.

He instantly settled himself, eventhough he didn't speak those words out loud, he didn't want to jinx things like last time when he let his emotions run wild and Nick.... He didn't want to think about it. What's done was done, there was nothing he could do about it now. But all things aside, is was safe to say Ash was kranky. He walked among the unknowing humans down Bourban Street, his mind was setted on visiting Selena at the new age shop he recently had bought for her so she could be able to continue doing what she did best; expending her psychic abilities and running her new shop. He needed just a little ease from his mood and Selena was one of the few people who could do such a thing with her chitter chattery way of life. He looked at the different faces that passed him by and eventhough she didn't stand out fashionwise he got caught in heavenly blue eyes, hidden underneath a navyblue New-York sportscap. Eventhough he saw her just while passing by and only for a few seconds he instinctively knew she was somewhat different from other women who walked upon the planet earth. And he could tell not just by the tingling feeling he felt in his groin making him grow harder just by her scent of something similar to sandalwood but just not quite the same. He nearly got tempted to use his powers to go back in time just a little bit so he could feel that again, it had been decades if not centuries ago since he last held interest in a woman. He had Simi his Charonte Demon who he saw as his own daughter to keep him company which made the lonely days a lot more pleasant. And now that Ias had Danger, his newly wed-wife, and Xirena his newly bound Charonte Demon (as well as Simi's long last sister) to focus his attention on, he felt now more than ever what is was like again to be alone.

His life was a lot less complicated before his New Orleans Dark-Hunters Kyrian, Talon and Zarek found their soulmates who freed their souls from Artemis who created the Dark-Hunters to kill Daimons formerly known as Apollyte-people prolonging their lifes the wrong way. Apollyte people were cursed by Apollo after his lover got brutally murdered at age 27 by Apollyte people who pretended that she was murdered by animals. When he found out what had happened he cursed them to live life in the dark till their 27th birthday and on that day they would die a painfull death lasting 24 hours till they let out their last breath. The only way to prolong their lives was to kill humans by drinking their blood and taking in their soul. A normal human soul would last them a few days but whenever a human had psychic powers that was a real kick for them, those souls would last them weeks if not months and they kept whichever ability they had to use for themselves and with that they'd be stronger Daimons and thus harder to be fought and defeated by his Dark-Hunters. It was an ongoing thing Acheron got used to, but lately his will to keep doing what Artemis laid unwillingly upon his shoulders so that she could keep him in her control, was nowhere to be found. Especially after Cherise Gautier got murdered and Nick turned into a Dark-Hunter after he killed himself when he found his mother brutally murdered in her home. Pain still tore through him when he thought how many loved-ones he had lost over the past few years. He should've known better than to let people close to him, everytime the fates took them from him.

Concerning others he had clear vision on what a certain outcome could be, but for himself or those close to him it was blank and quiet. Eventhough he was over 11 thousand more close to 12 thousand years old (at his age he didn't frown upon a century or two...) no one even amongst those he held near knew what he was or who he was deep down inside. Simi knew ofcourse but he knew he could absolutely trust her as she was now a part of him. Simi eventhough she was just as old as him appeared at the age of 18 when summoned to human form, he himself appeared as 21. His origins was Greek but he was raised in Atlantis before it was destroyed, now only a handful of people were left who actually knew Atlantis from experience but he didn't feel the need to keep in touch with those. He felt uneasy, something was stirring deep inside him, it made him feel things locked deep inside and Simi felt that he was restless. She got kranky because he woke her out of her sleep. She started moving around which made Acheron itch. When a Charonte Demon was returned to its owner and on his body as a tattoo they normally rested and he wouldn't feel her being a part of him. But when they moved around they left a burning trail. It would fade after a few seconds but in the mood he was in at the moment he felt every thing times ten. In his head he told her to stay putt.
'But the Simi is restless because her Akri is restless, I needs me sleep.'
'I know Simi, I'm sorry.'
Acheron tried to calm his emotions and when he knew no-one was watching he stepped into an allyway and flashed himself to a place other than Katoteros where he felt home, instead of heading down to Selena's shop.

"Jeez Ash, you scared the be-jeezus out of me,"Amanda said startled, as she nearly dropped the babybottle with formula out of her hand "When will you learn to knock?!"
Ash quinced at her words, he's gotton so used to flashing in and out of Kyrians home over the years that he somtimes forgot, waith no, he didn't forget, he distinctly remember willing himself to his own bedroom in Kyrians home.... or did he? He had so many things go through his mind over the past few minutes that he wasn't sure "Sorry Mandy, didn't mean to."
"I didn't mean to fall out like that Ash," Amanda said as she noticed his turmoil in his aura "With Marissa's powers all over the place at the moment I'm not quite sure when to expect wat anymore."
"And Ashleagh?" Ash asked, thinking lovingly about the 6 month old baby boy who was named after him and just as Marissa was his Goddaughter, he was his Godson. Marissa came running in with her arms spread out wide to Ash "Uncle Ash!"
She jumped in his arms and she hugged those small girly arms around his neck and gave him butterfly kisses on his cheek "Hey Munchkin..."
"Is Simi here too?"
"Yes she is..."
"Can she come out and play?"
'Can the Simi can the Simi can the Simi....' he heard Simi ask enthusiastic in his head 'Yes Simi you can, just don't eat anything other than given to you by Amanda or me.'
Simi jumped from his skin and Marissa giggled girly when she saw Sim. She and Simi went to the playroom and Ash said "Simi no QVC..."
Simi stood still instantly "Akri Simi doesn't like when you say no to the Simi, no eat this, no QVC. No sex with Nick..."
"Simi..." stretching each sillable as he spoke.
"Yes akri, Simi no QVC Simi didn't say she accept in silence..."
Amanda held in a laughter while she looked at Ash's tormented face. "Kids..." she said instead.
"Just waith till yours grow up... Did Ashleagh show some powers yet?"
"None that we know off and silently I applaude that."Amanda said.
"Same here," Kyrian walked into the kitchen and gave his wife a kiss. He looked strangely at Acheron "What's up with you?" Kyrian looked a bit worried at his used to be "boss" Kyrian was one of the Dark-Hunters who got their soul back but he had known Acheron for over 1500 years now and was one of his best friends.
"I'll go and feed Ashleagh." Amanda said with an arched brow looking from one to the other.
Ash asked "Can I?" he could use some quiet time alone with his just himself and his thoughts. Before they knew it Ash walked out of the kitchen up the stairs then remembered the bottle, went back downstairs and flashed upstairs only to end up in his own bedroom downstairs. It disturbed him quite a bit but then decided to walk, he passed by the open kitchen door again and left Amanda and Kyrian awestruck.

Acheron went to the nursery, picked up Ashleagh and held him comfortably in his arms while sitting down in the antique rockin'chair, to give him the bottle. The sight of this 6"8 male, dressed in black leather slacks, biker-boots, a dark t-shirt, with his black halflong hair pulled together in a dark band, and the manly features of his face softened with the love he felt for the small boy in his arms, was an odd not often thing to see. Especially not concerning Acheron. Only Amanda and Kyrian had seen him like this, and only on the odd ocassion they caught him unprepaired.

Thousands of years ago he had lost all hope on ever having a family off his own, it was a small sacrifice to make so that humanity could walk around safe(r) on this planet. He couldn't think about what would happen if he'd left his Dark-Hunters to walk around unsupervised and untrained. Chaos amongst the living for sure.

He dozed off for a while trying to relax a bit. But instead of resting he got pulled into the nightmare with the chaos and screams of Atlanteans while their isle got destroyed and drown into the Aegean Sea. Then he got pulled into another memory and found himself in pain by the hurt his lover Artemis' betrail set upon him. In his dreamstate his human-self had also tears in his eyes. He sought some peace and instead got more chaos, of remembering those long forgotten memories, bad memories that had scarred him for life and uncertainties. The pain he felt of those Dark-Hunters who turned on him, the pain of Strykerious who constantly was planning on making his life a living hell by killing (or trying anyway) those who Ash held close to his heart. He saw how Cherise got killed and felt the agonizing pain that went through Nick when he had found her. He heard his own words echo in his head, those he had spoken to Nick when he had found out Nick had slept with Simi, his emotions speaking over his rational mind 'you should kill yourself to safe me from doing so later'. In the end that was exactly what Nick had done.


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