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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teresa Medeiros - Breath Of Magic

Genre: Paranormal
Standalone novel
ISBN: 0-553-56334-3
Releasedate: February 1996 (re-release August 2009)
Publisher: Bantam USA
Format owned: MPB
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

Boy millionaire Tristan Lennox, a pagan satyr in a $2000 suit, throws an annual magic contest in Manhattan to try to trace his former partner, who stole a magic computer program named Warlock and disappeared into the ether. Smack into the middle of his special event, riding her willow broom, flies Arian Whitewood, a 17th-century witchlet from Massachusetts, who rubbed her emerald amulet and conjured herself away from the mob of Puritans who were trying to drown her. Arian, petite and fiery, has to contend with the new magic of the 20th century; and Tristan has to learn to trust again, as is the vogue. Medeiros is unrelievedly cute as she shuttles her characters back and forth across the centuries.
The start of off this novel was a bit messy and confusing to me but once I was settled and comfortably into the storylines it turns out to be a nice read. Although it was a predictable story, it didn’t bring anything new to me, but it was still a good read.

I found that more could have been done with the characters ~who were really appealing ~ something was s bit off-key. It didn’t run as smoothly as I thought it would be. It missed some … what can I call it … well “flair” perhaps.

It did have an interesting thing, it was time-travel with a different approach to it but because I couldn’t connect all the dots it took me out of totally being sucked into the story. I really liked Arian’s character, but she came on a bit too strong for a girl coming from the 17th century. I found her a bit too independent. Thrown into the future with all new techniques and experiences to which she adapts with no apparent difficulties – I found it very hard to believe!

On the other hand I loved Tristan’s character, straight up to the point where she breaks through the wall around his heart I found him irresistible, but after that he lost every appeal to me. Not claim worthy in my opinion!

It was really strange to read a book where things seem so promising and in the end you feel like you read a story to which you couldn’t connect. I expected more of Teresa Medeiros, but I still have a few books by her hand on my bookshelf, so I will give her novels another go but I have to admit this book just didn’t do it for me. All in all it was a nice novel to read, especially when you have a lot on your mind and need something to read in between all the stressfulness but it is not one of those books you yearn to read over and over again!!!

“You’re fired, now get back to work!!!”

2 Stars

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