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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Karen Whiddon - Powerful Magic

Genre: Paranormal
Book 1 in the Runes of Fae series
ISBN: 0-505-52432-5
Releasedate: Februari 2001
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing
Format owned: MPB
For sale at: The Book Depository Store

For Megan, illumination comes in a thunder-crash: She is not the pawn of abusive men. And though the modern world disappears and everything she's ever known spirals into oblivion, the strange warrior who appears to her gives the beauty a feeling that everything will be all right. His kisses electrify her, making her body burn.

She is in a strange land, and a strange time--and yet everything seems perfect. It is clear why she has been summoned. This isn't about Faerie prophecies or wizardry, or a desperate struggle to find a way home; this is a quest to save a hero's heart. And she feels destined to prevail, because with her help, she knows this handsome prince can discover the most potent magic of all: love.

Funny, witty, charming, enchanting. With all paranormal/historical novels about Faeries and time travelling being published, Karen Whiddon has taken a side turn writing a fairytale for adults. That’s what the feel of this novel gave me. I really enjoyed her way of storytelling and the words used to make sentences just totally fit in with the time this story was set in – 1072 – I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves Historical and/or Paranormal, because it’s so appealing. I just sighed when I had finished this and had that contend feeling a perfectly written novel can give you!

I was captured by Kenric of Blackstone neither human nor Fae but half of each who took an oath on his fathers grave to produce “human-heirs” and be the human his half-brothers never got the chance to be. He managed well till Megan of Dallas Texas walked into his life, and messes up a perfect laid out plan for the future. It was captivating to read Kenrics struggle with his magical power. But with the help of his friend Lancelot and Megan he’s going to have to face his past and destiny. And when his warrior heart claims Megan as HIS – well which girl doesn’t fall for that…

It’s amazing to see how Karen made the world of Fae her own, gave it an appealing twist with adoring main characters. She describes differences between human and Fae with such finesse that once in the Rune-world you totally forget that you are reading a story about “humans”. She took the myths of faeries, used it exactly how it’s written and makes you not want to leave again!!!

I’ve had so many emotions surge through me, laughter, love, admirations and my throat tightening with held back tears – and ofcourse not succeeding in holding them back – but nonetheless point for effort right? For a while I was captured in the enchanting realm Karen Whiddon has created and I’m glad the other novels of this ‘Fae of Rune’ series are on my bookshelves so I’m already able to read on!

For those who love the Historical/Paranormal my advice is ~ try to get your hands on this series because it’s worth every penny you spend!

“Too beautiful, my love. A ring made of twigs would be fine,” she murmured, “As long as it binds me to you.”

4 stars

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