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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jade Lee - Dragonborn (ARC for ROOB)

Genre: Fantasy
A Stand-Alone Novel
ISBN: 9780505527547
Releasedate: March 1, 2008
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing
Format owned: e-Book
For sale at: The Book Depository Store


When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows, for she carries one of the last eggs in the land disguised as a jewel in her navel. Day by day the Unhatched grows, and when at last it births they will be joined in a sacred and eternal bond. Gone will be the barmaid forced to dance for pennies; born will be Dag Natiya, revered Queen. Take her body or her soul, nothing will stop them.

When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon emotions trample your soul, you become a monster. So knows Kiril, for one destroyed his cousin. No matter how kind or joyful, all beings must succumb to the power of the wyrm. That is why Kiril vowed to destroy dragonkind—and he has almost succeeded. Only one egg remains. But there is an obstacle he did not foresee: love.

When the dragonhunter meets the tavern-dancer he knows there’s more to their connection than lust. Even though she’s reluctant to go with him, there’s no choice left for her once she was captured and imprisoned. In doing this, the secret she is carrying is jeopardized. Will their connection stand strong through the threat that linger’s on their trail….

It all starts with a smashing prologue making me hunger for more. In those first few pages the base of the story is set, instantly making me have a love-hate relationship with Kiril. Love because of his fiery temperament, determination and loyalty to his cause no matter how difficult it was to him. And hate because.... well Dragon-slaying isn't on top of the list I want my heroes to do as a profession. But in the first pages you actually feel him struggling with it. So needless to say I was intrigued and eager to read on and see what Jade Lee had in store with his character.

Natiya, a girl who's forced to work in a bar and dance for some cash, is the last person, who carries a dragon-egg, awaiting its hatching and becoming one with its mind, body and soul. Not just any egg, but the Queen-egg and nothing will come between her knowledge that Dragons are good; nothing will make her doubt this. Equally passionate about her destiny, as Kiril is of his, and even more determined to make it through. She will not be brought down from her cause by anyone.

When these two characters meet in this story you just feel there's this underlying connection between them. There is doubt about what they feel, lust in their doings and both heading the same way for different purposes. Jade Lee has a strong writing skill. Even though most of this novel is written like it’s one big scene between Kiril and Natiya; she is able to put together an underlying story, making it an intense, emotional and wonderful read. Usually, when you are in the middle of reading such a story, you read it as quickly as possible to hold on to the feeling for the characters because of the build up. Jade Lee was able to write every scene so that you can put it away for a day, start reading again and get straight back into feeling the same intense emotions. So throughout the whole story you are able to hold on to the feeling you had when you put it down for awhile.

The build up of the story and the dragon world is not a new thing within the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal genre. Despite the fact the focus of this story was not mainly on the world, but more a balance of the world entwined within an epic love story. The world surrounding the two of them on their journey just added more to their love story and brought along the tragedy and some thrill to their connection.

Because the focus was more on the emotions both characters were going through, your imagination was completely able to create the world around them. Sometimes you just long to read this type of story and sometimes you don’t, but this time it fell right in place for me. So I had an absolutely superb time reading this novel, making this world visual for me and sighed when the story ended.

If as an author you are able to write a great story mainly about two terrific characters, to me you are a fantastic writer! In my opinion, this is great fantasy romance novel and it actually made me put Jade Lee’s other novels in my priority list of buying.

Jade Lee writes in her own unique way bringing something new to my bookshelves!

4 Stars

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