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Friday, October 15, 2010

Do's and Don'ts

For this first 'Do's and Don'ts'- post I thought I'd bring you something I came across, while being the YouTube-fanatic I am. I have this quirk about programms like x-factor; popstars; idols and all alike, I just have to watch the UK version as well, because I have this bit of a thing for Simon Cowell, I like him, I love his straightforward judging and answers like: That was distinguishly below average...

I was YouTubing away and came across 2 vids that just completely fell into the cathegory of my Do's and Don'ts theme - and I call it 'What to do and not to do on your first audition as popstar'

What so NOT to do!!! Ablisa first audition X-factor UK 2010

What absolutely to do!!! Danyl Johnson first audition X-factor UK 2009

What to do to make the jury of idols Africa laugh out loud.... Hilarious first audition of Buhle Mkwanazi singing Killing Me Softly.

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