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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm back....

Hello blogpeeps,

I’ve been away from blog-land for a while, couldn’t find the time to commit to blogging on a weekly base, part of it, because real-life stuff had me caught up in spending most of my time and energy away from keyboard, and partly because I wasn’t sure how to fill in my blog, which posts to post, or which ones to write.

However, I found it should be a part of my little world - on the big world-wide-web – and that entails a lot. I’m creative – as well in the knitting, embroidery, card-making area, as in the writing area; I’m an avid reader and reviewer of the romance-fiction; and my Yorkshizer: Bodhi Diablo, and my alpha cats: Ash and Simi are a huge part of my life too; my alter-ega’s on the MMORPH World of Warcraft, demand their time and I also like spending time with my family and friends, music and at work too!

So that’s my life in a nutshell but I’m more and more longing to hit the keyboard and type up small parts of my life in a blog-style, posts can vary in subjects and whatever is on my mind will show.

I hope you’ll all enjoy reading up on my life – often with a hint of self-mockery and a huge wink to the subject at hand, sometimes on a more serious or frivolous note.

Following myself....
You might think, why on earth is she following herselve but apparently it's good luck in doing so - or so it has been whispered in my ear. And I think everybody can use some good luck in their life so figured why not give it a try ;-).

Now for the update on my 'reading now gadget'….
It’s my sisters doing… I am not one who will most likely pick up gay-romance, but I’ve been hearing people talk about it and it seems so much of an enjoyment for them that I’ve been playing with the idea of reading a novel in this genre. My sister was here over a week ago and brought me a book by Steve Kluger – Almost Like Being In Love, which she thought I would enjoy, so tonight I’m going to give it the good old college try and will let you all know how I get by on that!

On another note:
Craving Chinese food at the moment. For those who didn’t already know, I’m on a low-carb diet, started April 9th, 2011 and lost about 10kg’s – still a long way to go. A few weeks back had a desperate craving for veal-croquettes (an unhealthy but oh so delicious snackfood snack in the Netherlands), it has passed, but now all I can smell, taste and see in front of me are egg-rolls. I promised myself a big egg-roll when I lost 20kg’s so I’m half-way there and trust me when I say I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! However hopefully it will still taste as good as I remember, my taste-buds haven't been the same since I'm on this diet, not for the worse, but certain flavours are just different now *sigh*.

Simi is seeking some very much needed attention - that it has been raining all day and he has been in-house bound, being a bit of a teasing cat, stepping on my keyboard and sitting in front of my pc-screen, so I’m heading off, but will post again very soon!

Bye bye for now,


4 reacties:

Leontine said...

I luuuuuuurvw this way of catching up and you really have a knack fro writing column-stylw blogposts! I can't wait to hear you about Almost Like Being In Love, I've got my review posted with already a page long quote if you want a quick sample ;) Anyhoo, so its egg rolls huh *smiles* it's still chocolate with me, i'm such a singleminded gal that way LOL I like my body is struggling, it loses some, it gains some and then it loses some, it's a rocky road... I think I need to do some excersizing next to it so exploring optioms ATM

Give Simi a hug from me :))

Leontine said...

Ps: I think typing on iPad will forever give comments with typo's gallore *sigh* I hope you can decipher the comment ;)

Natascha said...

lol @ the i-pad typo's ;-) I'm heading off the bed with my to explore gay-couple *giggles* so hope it'll be good!

Yeah it's eggrolls at the moment, i just love too much food!!!! It's like every week it's a new flavor that hits home with me *sigh* but I'm looking forward to my wicked day full of none-dieting and stacking up on all that I'm not allowed to eat, starting with eggrolls, hmmm I think I'm even going to get it the night before, that way I can really start my day with something nice!!!!

I was in the Lidl supermarket today and they had that melt-chocolate for in the fondue, white, milk and dark OMFG are they kidding me?! It's just too much to handle I tell ya!

Leontine said...

Hon, I can deal with the white, milk and dark chocolate for the's creme brulee that has me positively in a carb swoon.

PS: Okay, that I have a mental pic of chocolate fondue I have a double carb swoon. I'm such a weakling LOL

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